Continuing Education Programs

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RSVP for an upcoming CE online Open House session. The Parliamo Italiano sessions are hosted in-house and live-streamed via Zoom.

Continuing Education Programs
& Professional Development

Continuing Education Programs
& Professional Development

Private Instruction at IELI

Private Lessons

Working with a private tutor is a great way to customize your academic experience to suit your personal needs. Whether you need extra help in class or you want to work towards a specific academic or professional goal, our experienced faculty will help you progress quickly and efficiently.

Please fill out the request form and we will match you with a tutor according to your needs, areas of interest and availability. Private and Small Group lessons are available for Full-Time and Part-Time IELI students as well as Non-IELI students.

Private Tutorial Policy

We offer individualized tutoring for anyone who would like to learn or improve a new language. Our tutoring plans are affordable with flexible weekly scheduling. Individual tutoring plans are tailored to student needs and our tutors work with each student to teach to individual learning styles and academic needs.

  • Payment methods: All private tutorials must be paid prior to the lesson.
  • You can pay with a credit card, either by coming in-person to our office or over the phone.
  • You can pay with a credit card, either by coming in-person to our office or over the phone.
  • In the event that the client is not satisfied with the tutoring session the client will contact the school. We will work with the tutor to address the difficulties. All efforts will be made to overcome the problem. In the event that the client is still not satisfied, a new teacher will be assigned.

Appointments and Scheduling

We do not bind our customers in contracts; however, a business policy is in place in order that we may schedule our teachers and students accordingly. You are financially responsible for all missed appointments and cancellations that do not adhere to our cancellation policy. That means, you will be charged for any hours you miss if you do not cancel within the parameters of our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

Tutoring does not permit last-minute cancellations. The student may cancel up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled tutoring session. Lessons not attended by the student without giving 24 hours’ prior notice to the tutor shall be charged at the full rate. If, of course, there is a family emergency or sudden illness, the cancellation may be excused. (Proof must be provided.)

Private Lessons Policy

Private lessons must be paid prior to the lesson. All sessions are to be completed within a 90-day time frame in accordance with the first day sessions began. If sessions are cancelled on the part of the student (within the 24-hour policy), a makeup session must be arranged within 5 days or those missed hours will be lost.

Make-Up Sessions

If the tutor cancels a session, the tutor must always contact the student to schedule a make-up session. No discounts are available for private lessons.

Attend an Open House and Learn About Our Certificate Programs & Courses

Attend an Upcoming Open House

Open Houses will be done live online via Zoom. Click on the name of the Open House to register. If an Open House is still pending, you can click on the title to request a copy of the presentation from the most recent Open House.

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