Continuing Education Programs

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RSVP for an upcoming CE online Open House session. The Parliamo Italiano sessions are hosted in-house and live-streamed via Zoom.

Continuing Education Programs
& Professional Development

Continuing Education Programs
& Professional Development

Italian Language and Culture Institute in New York City

Parliamo Italiano at Hunter College

Students begin at Elementary 1. If you believe you have a higher level based on prior classroom study, exposure to the language through family, or time spent in Italy, please feel free to take a 20-minute Online Placement Test. You will receive the test within 2 business days. The $25 fee is applicable towards tuition at the time of enrollment.

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Program Information

  • Join us for a Parliamo Italiano Open House on Wednesday, January 17, at 6:00 pm. Click here to sign up. The event will be in person at Hunter College, as well as livestreamed via Zoom.
  • Special Discounts - See Parliamo Policies for program discounts and related information.


Parliamo Italiano Workshops, Courses, and Seminars

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Elementary Italian Language Courses

Our six Elementary level classes focus on learning the basic vocabulary, verbs and phrases needed to comfortably converse in Italian.
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Intermediate Italian Language Courses

Intermediate classes are for those who have completed our Elementary classes, or have an understanding of Italian language and want to take their conversational skills to the next level. In the six intermediate levels: you will increase your knowledge of grammar, reading and idiomatic structures and work on pronunciation, adjectives, and pronouns.
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Advanced Italian Language Courses

Corso aperto a studenti che padroneggiano la lingua italiana. Se hai una buona base grammaticale, un buon vocabolario e ti senti in grado di sostenere conversazioni in italiano, questo corso e`per te!
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Italian Cinema

Cinema is a special promotion class. Discounts do not apply.
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Italian Language and Culture Workshops

Parliamo Italiano's workshops are an exciting spin on the traditional curriculum. Enhance your conversation skills and knowledge of Italian history and culture through special topics. Our workshops are special promotion classes. Discounts do not apply to them.

Attend an Open House or Request Info About Our Courses & Programs

Attend an Upcoming Open House

Open Houses will be done live online via Zoom. Click on the name of the Open House to register. If an Open House is still pending, you can click on the title to request a copy of the presentation from the most recent Open House.

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