Continuing Education Programs

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Continuing Education Programs
& Professional Development

Continuing Education Programs
& Professional Development

Certificates in Language Studies and ESL in NYC

Language Studies

Unlock a world of linguistic expertise and global communication with our Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation Studies. Our programs empower language enthusiasts and provide the core skillset for language interpretation professionals. Translation and Interpretation studies at Hunter College’s Continuing Education offer the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic language translation and interpretation field. Learn from interpretation professionals and delve deep into the art and science of bridging language barriers, mastering the nuances of cultural context and communication.

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Language Studies Program Information

Explore CE Certificate Programs in Translation and Interpretation Studies

Course & Program Information and Schedule

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Certificate in Translation Studies

Learn the basic skills to translate texts, improve technique, utilize resources, and address general challenges. The class covers legal translation, business and financial translation, translation for advertisement, medical translation, and editing and proofreading public service announcements.
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Certificate in Interpretation Studies

Our expert instructors will guide you through real-world scenarios, honing your written translation and live interpretation proficiency. Whether you aspire to work in international diplomacy, business, healthcare, or the booming language services industry, our Interpretation Studies program equips you with the tools to thrive in a multilingual world.
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Combined Certificate in Translation & Interpretation Studies

Join us on a journey to become a sought-after language professional, making a lasting impact in an increasingly interconnected global society. Start your adventure today and open doors to endless opportunities with our Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation Studies. Your linguistic journey begins here.

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Open Houses will be done live online via Zoom. Click on the name of the Open House to register. If an Open House is still pending, you can click on the title to request a copy of the presentation from the most recent Open House.

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